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While at DEPT® I've had the opportunity to create work for the Meta Family of Apps Growth Marketing Services. This work is featured globally, translated into 30+ languages, and crafted with the intention of growing the app's presence among Gen-Z users and becoming a known entity within emerging internet markets.


Why I'm on Facebook

Why I'm on Facebook gave me the opportunity to utilize my documentary experience, telling the story of Robert Lucas's successful endeavors as a cooking-content creator. I was involved throughout the entire pre-production process, from scripting to director selection, and through to final client delivery.


Facebook x TikTok

As Facebook expands marketing efforts to include emerging channels and gain users, TikTok has become central to their growth marketing strategy. During my time at DEPT® I've had the opportunity to craft this creative from the ground up.


Facebook x Snapchat

Similarly to TikTok, I've lead the DEPT® creative team in developing creative for Snapchat. This creative runs globally and is part of larger tests to determine the effectiveness of advertising Facebook products on Snap.

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